How You Can Publish Newspaper Advertisement

A new online medium has been launched in Bangladesh, that goes by the name, “Procharok”. On Google, if you search for, you can visit their website. At the first glance after clicking on their website, a visitor-friendly design will catch your attention. If you would like to, you can also hire a designer to design your advertisement, if required. Other than that, if you need help in anything, you can shoot a message on Procharok’s live chat feature and present your query. 

Generally, 2 types of advertisements are published-Publish a Classified Advertisement    or   Publish a Display advertisement.

First, we’ll discuss about the Classified Advertisements – and will walk you through on how to publish them:

As you can see, after selecting Classified Advertisements, a table has come up on display. Generally, when someone loses a certificate or mark sheet, or is recruiting employees for a school-college, or is in search of a bride-groom, or have a missing person news, or need to give out an advertisement for a land-flat-store, or car for sale and rent, tutoring, birthday greetings or mourning news, fall under the category of Classified Advertisements.

When the Classified Advertisement page is on your display, you have to fill in the boxes inserted in the blue line;and choose which newspaper you’re wishing to publish your advertisement on (note, that the pricing of advertisement will depend on which newspaper you select). Then you will have to insert the advertiser’s name, administration’s name (if any), cell-phone number, email (valid), and then add the date you would like to publish your advertisement in the newspapers. Then select your title; which will be the subject of your advertisement.

And finally, now fit in your Classified advertisement; that is, now you can type down what you would like to be inscribed on the newspaper. Ensure to check the word limit when writing your news (for instance, as we can see for Prothom Alo the word limit is 80 words). As you type in and select your title, the prices are being automatically shown on the site, so don’t worry about that. And yes, a 15% VAT shall be added with your final total price. 

And yes, if you cannot figure what to write on your advertisement, don’t worry about it, because on the right side of Procharok’s website you can see that for every category a sample has been given, from which you can get an idea for your advertisement, or simply just copy the format and apply some editing, as per your convenience. 

Like on the image on top, you can click on your chosen Classified Advertisement, which will display the formats for your desired advertisement. From these, at least one of them should be filling in your criteria. You can just edit it. 

Then take notice of your pricing; and then, if there are uploadable files to insert, such as-a copy of your GD, affidavit, etc., submit them after scanning them or just by clicking their photos on your smartphone. Then someone from their customer service will give you a call for further detailing of your advertisement and confirmation. 

Now, let’s see what are Display Advertisements?

Display Advertisements are the ones that we generally see on the 1st, 2nd, colored or the last pages of the newspapers, in the form of graphical or images. These advertisements are the ones which catch our attention (if any image is inserted) at first glance.

How To Publish a Display Advertisement

After you click on the option, Display Advertisement, a page like this one will appear on your screen. On the top, a pricing list of every newspaper is given in a link from which you can use to understand what each newspaper will cost you as per their pages.

Therefore, select your desired newspaper, add the advertiser’s name, administration’s name (if any), phone number and email.

Then add the date on which you would like your advertisement to be published (and please do try to submit your advertisement 2 days before the publishing date). Now upload your advertisement. Henceforth, as per the newspapers, add your column size in inches (check the rate), and then select where your advertisement should be published-such as, the front page (colored), the blacl and white pages on the inside.

If there’s any additional instruction, you can write it up here. And finally, after completion hit upload. In the same process as the Classified Advertisements, someone from the customer service will reach out to you through a cell phone call for further detailing and confirmation. 

This was the entire procedure to publish any type of advertisement online, on any newspaper from your home, in Bangladesh. If I have come to your use or if you have liked my content, please do share and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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